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Cosworth (2.0L/2.3L) Dry Sump Kit (Internal Pump) 3 Stage Extreme Applications


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A dry sump is usually required when cornering forces exceed 1g. Additionally, the deep engine block necessitates a dry sump for added ground clearance for many performance applications.

A dry sump system will provide superior lubrication and scavenge capacity compared to shallow wet sumps.

The Cosworth Dry Sump is manufactured from heat treated high quality cast aluminium alloy and features a 3 stage internally mounted scavenge pump. Driven by an internal drive chain, this arrangement reduces the amount of plumbing associated with an external pump. Oil is extracted directly from the cylinder head oil drain backs. Strengthening ribs have been engineered into the design for added protection and cooling.

Cosworth’s dry sump has been engineered to be suitable for both longitudinal and transverse engine installations.

To increase the scavenge efficiency of the dry sump system, the original plastic breather cover should be replaced with Cosworth’s billet aluminium, non-vented version.

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