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SD Performance

SD Performance 200bhp fast road/track cams


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Made exclusively by Newman Cams, after years of testing different cams on track we have now the perfect cams for those people with a ST150 looking for the 200+bhp mark ( will need other modifications to reach this figure)

Perfectly profiled to give smooth power delivery from idle to 7900 revs (where available) and ready for the non-hydraulic shims that are fitted in ALL Duratec 2000cc and 2300cc plus all ST150 Fiesta

SD Performance Duratec intake cam
Specs: 278  duration / .375" lift ( 9.52mm ) - ATDC @ full lift = 110
SD Performance Duratec exhaust cam
Specs: 278  duration / .375" lift ( 9.52mm ) - BTDC @ full lift = 110

includes new friction washers x2

We strongly recommend that you change the valve springs as precaution.

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