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Focus RS Mk2 500bhp hybrid turbo conversion - Bigger exhaust wheel


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Turbo purchase options.

Use your own turbo - send a standard Focus RS Mk2 Turbo unit in to us for the AS500 conversion, this way you don't have to pay a surchage but it will take longer to complete, in some cases we will have a turbo waiting to be sent out which we will send 'conditions apply' must be in a servicable condition

Exchange - In this case you pay the surchage price and then once you have removed your old turbo, send it back to us and we will pay the surchage costs back 'conditions apply' Old turbo required back within 21 days of purchase and must be in a servicable condition

Outright - You pay the exchange turbo price on top of the hybrid cost and you don't need to worry about sending a turbo back to us, this is perfect for big power ST builds, turbo's that are un-servicable or you want to put your car back to standard in the future.

All exchange/old Turbo's being sent back for surcharge refund will be checked out by our qualified turbo charger engineer before refunded, this is for turbo's that can not be rebuilt for future hybrid conversions.

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