SUMMIT rear lower suspension sub frame axle big 6 point torsion link bar Fiesta MK7 & 7.5

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S-U-MM-I-T Chassis reinforcement equipment improves chassis  rigidity  &  reduces un-wanted chassis flex. 

S-U-MM-I-T Brace's are not hallow tube, they use a monocgue Aluminium triple forged  tube sharft, which makes them incredibly lightweight but are also exceptionally strong. 

S-U-MM-I-T Strut braces are 50% stronger than cheap hallow alloy tube strut brace's

S-U-MM-I-T  upgrades your chassis performance and there by improving you cars handling and driving experience. 

S-U-MM-I-T  comes powder coated in metallic Orange, this can easily be re-painted by new owner if it does not match your cars colour scheme.


ST180 Lower rear beam 2 point Torsion link bar M-M2-004 available seperately.