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Ford Focus RS MK3 - Cat Back Exhaust (Valveless / Non Resonated)


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Part number: FD88

Ford Focus RS (MK3) Non Resonated Cat Back Exhaust

Engine: 2.3L EcoBoost 350PS

The Cobra Sport development team have created a full range of exhaust systems to take the RS to the next level through precision design and technology, allowing for increases in power and creating a sound track worthy of the future classic RS. The mandrel bent T304 Stainless Steel pipework has been designed to give the engine maximum room to breathe. The new Cobra Sport systems produce a much deeper exhaust tone than standard which becomes highly aggressive under load to produce a pitch perfect soundtrack along with the trademark gargles, crackles and pops expected from the Focus RS.

The Cobra Sport systems deliver a significant weight saving over standard. Testing of the non resonated turbo back system with de-cat resulted in a 13% reduction in weight over the OE system’s 24.3kg. On offer are a full range of configuration options including a cat-back exhaust system along with de-cat & sports cat front sections to form a full turbo back replacement. Taking development for the RS a step further, Cobra Sport have created a Venom exhaust system (with resonated centre) which produces a completely unique sound track. This system matched with the OE standard catalyst recorded the highest sound levels in our tests registering 101.5db (+22.8db) on the 4,000rpm static test.

The Cobra Sport development team have produced both valved and non valved systems. The valued systems are designed with the valve housing welded directly into the system allowing the use of the OE motors through the direct electrical connection. All systems are available with the active valve removed creating a more intense, constant sound and power upgrade. These systems include a specialised housing plate which will allow the valve motors to remain connected to the vehicle electronics but not form part of the exhaust, therefore allowing the use of all drive modes.

Matt Thomas, Sales Manager at Cobra Sport says “The many system configuration have a unique blend of sound and tone characteristics. The most dynamic upgrade was the full non resonated turbo back with de-cat which completely altered the sound of the car. At Idle this system only increased the decibel level by +12.5db but once under load the system comes to life, producing a pitch perfect tone at a level of 100db (+21.3db) on the 4,000 rpm sound test to match the aggressive RS styling. The dual tailpipes sit neatly with the stylish rear diffuser. We were keen to make the most of the dual exit design and are excited to offer a choice of bold 4.5" (114.5mm) highly polished slash cut stainless steel tailpipes”.

Example of Ford Focus RS (MK3) sports exhaust (resonated cat back exhaust)

Interior sound example of Ford Focus RS (MK3) sports exhaust (resonated cat back exhaust).

Cobra Sport Exhausts Ford promotional video.

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