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Cusco Toyota GT86 Rear Differential Cover


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The Cusco Rear Differential Cover offers an increased capacity over the stock unit as well as internal baffling and pre-tapped holes for an external differential oil cooler. The integrated heat fins help keep the gear oil cool under harsh driving conditions. This is a must have for anyone using their car competitively or anyone that just wants that special Cusco bling.

About Cusco Gear Oils

Cusco LSD for a BMW E46Cusco gear oils contain purified hydride base oils, which allows it to maintain its good performance even against heat and after long term use.

Specially developed for Cusco, who have vast experience of Limited Slip Differentials, this oil helps to minimise the chattering noises associated with mechanical plated LSDs, whilst maximising the life of the LSD.

Suitable For

Manufacturer Model Variant Chassis Engine Year Range Notes
* FR-S - - - 2012- -
Subaru BRZ - - - 2012- -
Toyota GT86 - - - 2012- -
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