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2.3 EcoBoost Deck Brace


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Its fairly common knowledge that the 2.3 EcoBoost engine block is a potential weak point for tuning enthusiasts with many theories banded around suggesting the head gasket remains the initial source of problems or that certain points of the block are prone to failure either due to external heat sources or simply because the material thicknesses at certain points is just not adequate enough 
Any number of these theories may be relevant or even correct although we are not sure anyone truly knows why this block has seen failures as information from many sources is somewhat sketchy! What we do know is that the open deck design of the 2.3 RS and Mustang block doesn't appear to be as strong as the closed deck 2.0 unit used in the ST250. This has led a number of consumers and tuners to opt for this option when pushing for big power from the RS and Mustang platform.
That's all well and good but not everyone has the budget for the power levels that may require this level of conversion or wants to go that far power wise but does want some security in their build.
We can perhaps consider this the 'block mod' for the 2.3 EcoBoost that's was so popular on the 2.5 Mk2 engines.
The JWR deck brace will slot neatly into the top of your engine block effectively converting it to a closed or semi closed variant and give significant additional support to the open deck liner assembly. This will reduce any potential movement or flexing of the liner assembly when under greater loads from increased power and boost. 
This is an ideal addition for anyone considering a power upgrade upto 550hp , when you are forging the engine or just when you are changing / upgrading the head gasket and want to see an improved seal.
Couple this brace with a good quality head gasket and ARP head stud kit for a significant improvement in strength and durability allowing you to run more power safely!
Note: Machining is not needed but some adjustment will be required to ensure a perfect fit as the product is purposely made slightly oversize to ensure a tight snug install