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Peron Tuning

PERON Fiesta ST ECU remaps

Putting you in control 

PERON Programmer to gives you the power to flash your Fiesta ST with our elite performance tuning files and return your car to stock at any time. The PERON Programmer is a simple USB to OBD interface device that works on any Windows based laptop with simple step by step on screen instructions.

Tried and tested performance 

PERON is the number one choice for ECU tuning your fast road or track Fiesta 1.6T ST. We have full control and understanding of all the key elements of the ECU structure and function. We pride ourselves on being able to calibrate for all conditions and fuel types whilst retaining linear OEM throttle control. We have tuned countless road and race Fiesta STs to run reliably in a range of conditions across the globe. Our P3xx calibrations are providing high hp numbers, with zero throttle closure and perfect drivability.

Calibration Files

P2XX Stage 1

Designed for stock Fiesta ST or a vehicle with a cat-back exhaust and induction kit.

P2XX Stage 2

Our best remap for the stock turbo. Unleash the true potential of your modifications with a huge 279 ftlb and 203 whp still with only PERON intake, intercooler and down-pipe needed. These were achieved with a standard turbo, manifold, cat-back exhaust and hot-side pipe kit.