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Peron Tuning

PERON Focus ST P3XX ECU remap

PERON introduce the PERON Programmer to give you the power to flash your car with our ultimate performance tuning files and return your car to stock at any time you want. The PERON Programmer is an USB to OBD interface that quickly and easily reads your stock file and allows you to save / email that tune to us so we can build you a performance file.

Tried and tested performance 
After two solid years of testing and development on our own demo car, PERON is proud to launch our P300 performance file for general release. The traditional methods of tuning a turbo factory ECU need to be re-thought when tuning the 2.0T Ecoboost engine. Load needs to be controlled in such a way that the throttle does not close when higher boost or aggressive timing is requested. PERON is proud to keep our throttle wide open with zero closure and also give you factory like throttle control and drivability. We truly believe we are the market leader when it comes to the 2.0T Ecoboost with hundreds of dyno hours and road miles behind us.

Spec List
Make the most from your stock turbo Focus ST
Eliminates throttle closure issues and agitated throttle control associated with competitors tunes
Makes between 270-280whp on the factory turbo making well over 300hp at the flywheel.

This item comes with introductory free postage to UK Mainland.