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R-Sport ST225 Stage 3 Focus Intercooler

  • Includes 2 Piece Large Bore Silicon Hose kit
  • Huge Focus RS Mk2 60mm Core
  • SPEC-R type Oil Cooler mounts
  • High Flow Smoothed Entry and Exit Tanks
  • Over 25% more flow ability than small pipework models
  • Durable satin black finish
  • 3 year unlimited mileage warranty

*** Race or Track Specification for the highest performance possible***
The New RoadSport range of Direct Fit Intercoolers for the Focus ST and RS range have arrived.
Designed speciallly for use in fast road and track applications we believe the new unit will lead on Price and Performance and is the Ultimate affordable Intercooler kit.

Why does my ST need a Stage 3 Intercooler?
The standard ST intercoolers are a notorious weakspot on the car.  The New Pumaspeed Stage 3 Race spec Focus ST 225 Roadsport intercooler gives a Huge lift in performance and safeguards your engine from climbing air charge temperatures when under load , we especially recomend this for all high temperature climates.

Scoop or no scoop ?
On the Race /  Track  specification Stage 3 RoadSport Intercooler we have chosen to use the huge Focus RS Mk2 60mm core and fitted it with the all Popular Scoop design to fully capture as much air as possible.
Many other manufacturers dont use a scoop such as the very popular Radtec and Proalloy WRC.

Large Bore Silicon Intake pipes - Included !!
The Stage 3 Intercooler kit for the Focus ST225 by R-Sport has increased diameter inlet and outlet pipework. This new pipework has been calculated to give over 25% more flow ability than all small bore pipework models. We include a new cross over silicon intake pipe and a new intercooler to throttle body 63mm elbow pipe as shown.

All Roadsport intercoolers allow you to run much Lower Inlet Temps and therefore more power safely, be it around town  in traffic, or when doing performance testing or  trackdays.   A 'must have' item for the most serious ST 225 Focus owner.

Stage 1 or Stage 3 - Which is best

Stage 1
Inlet and outlet pipes  41mm ID  (good for 320-350 bhp)
Core size                       60mm deep  660 wide  260 high
Volume of core size    10290 cm3

Stage 3
Inlet and outlet pipes  55mm ID  (sames as Focus RS Mk2 unit) and will flow 500 +bhp)
Core size                       60mm deep  765 wide  320 high
Volume of core             14688  cm3

Stage 3 has over 40% more volume to cool and over 25% more flow from the inlet and outlet sizes.

Green Line = Stage 1   power = 177KW (237bhp) at the wheels
Blue  Line = Stage 3     Power = 193KW (257.5bhp) at the wheels 20 bhp increase