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Airtec Motorsport

AIRTEC Alloy Radiator Upgrade for Mk2 Focus ST & RS

The Focus ST & RS models have been massively popular and tuning of these fast fords have been taken to amazing levels, unfortunately the cooling radiator has always been a weak point, this is where are AIRTEC alloy radiator comes into play.
We opted for a huge 40mm core normally found on our Cosworth radiators as it was perfect! But due to its size we needed to make the fitting more adjustable. We opted for adjustable billet lower locating pegs, these help position and fitting, at the same time stop the radiator twisting whilst trying to fit.

Features of AIRTEC 40mm core alloy Radiator.

  • All alloy construction with a 40mm core compared to Ford's 30mm core and still thicker than most aftermarket radiators
  • Reduce coolant temperatures by 10-15 degrees mainly down to its huge 40mm core, a must for track day enthusiasts
  • Welded end tanks compared to weak Ford crimped plastic end tanks that have been proven to leak on modified cars
  • Adjustable lower billet studs, these can help fitting with big boost pipe kits and aftermarket intercoolers
  • Original fans fit as standard
  • Air-con radiator fits onto AIRTEC rad with neat machined fitting blocks
  • Fits all AIRTEC Mk2 Focus intercoolers as well as Radtec, Pace and Pro-Alloy only
Please choose from options ST or RS
Registered Design Right number: 6023455

AIRTEC part number: ATRADFO13