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AS300LPH Uprated Fuel pump - COMPLETE UNIT READY TO FIT! 'Better value than RS500'


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We have a off the shelf answer to fuelling your high powered Focus RS Mk2, the AutoSpecialists fuel pump upgrade is a straight swap for your standard pump unit and utilises a state of the Art 300 litres per hour fuel pump!

Tested @ Devil Development on 02/12/11

  • Increase's Fuel pressure
  • Increase's Brake horse power
  • Increased Bhp reliability, even after 10 power runs! 

Rolling road testing saw Fuel pressure rise from 3.26 bar on standard pump to 3.57 bar on the 'AutoSpecialists' AS300LPH fuel pump & BHP gains of 7.8bhp! testing was carried out on our 400bhp demo car, on higher spec cars  with see these gains rise.

Why buy a RS500 fuel pump @ a cost of over £1600! when we can provide our AS300LPH for only £549.95! complete unit ready to fit, takes about 2 hours from start to finish.

3 year no fault warranty - Fuelling your passion for Performance!

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