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Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI Cold-Air Intake System


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One of our most popular products is the VWR Cold-Air Intake System kit, enabling cold, dense air from outside the engine bay to reach the fuel metering unit more efficiently for the fabulous Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI engine (for Mk2 TT, 8J).
Some people forget that it's what's inside a cold-air intake that really matters.  Our High-Flow TriFoam™ triple-layer construction is simply the best filtration material on the market, and is the key to the power gains achieved.  Each filter is handmade in the UK.  
Developed for use in our Volkswagen Racing cars, the system delivers really impressive airflow gains - as much as 9% higher at peak power than that of the original intake system. By reducing turbo spool by up to 500rpm in some cases through the enhanced efficiency of the system, lightning fast turbo response is guaranteed.  In our experience, no other intake kit gives higher gains when combined with a remap..
Trifoam™ filter construction, a triple-layer laminate of open-cell polyurethane foam, which gives an exceptionally high level of filtration – the very same technology as some Formula One engines use.
All parts have been developed exclusively for the 2.5 TFSI engine - meaning that fitting is straightforward, and the original mounting points are retained.
Efficient filtration and huge filter surface area means power and torque gains support higher power remaps, and can even show an economy improvement.
Hand-built in the UK, using the highest quality materials and construction.
This is a 'lifetime' filter, so never needs replacement in normal service. Cleaning is only required every 20,000 miles (30,000km) in normal usage.
You'll hear the rich induction noise from this race-bred intake as soon as you accelerate hard. However, as a fully-enclosed intake, volume levels are well-contained.
Through keeping intake temperatures as low as possibly, and greatly improving airflow into the engine, more power is produced, turbo lag is reduced and better fuel efficiency is achieved.
Turbocharger spool can drop nearly 500 RPMs, reducing turbo lag and creating faster turbo response.
Our development has shown that a high-flow intake system on the 2.5 TFSI engine really gives worthwhile power and torque gains on uprated cars – so this intake is best combined with a remap such as our OEM+.
Testing on cars running stage 2 remaps and and beyond shows further increased power improvements from the Intake system, as the standard air box and filter reaches and exceeds its airflow limit.
As a race-bred intake system, the rich induction noise is clear as soon as you first accelerate hard.  However volume levels are well-contained, and the sound quality is music to the ears of any enthusiastic driver!
The intake uses a fully-enclosed gloss black-anodised aluminium spinning which contains the high flow triple-layer cone filter.  Stainless steel or plated screws, nuts and washers are used throughout the kit to enhance both appearance and durability – and of course to enhance the engine bay appearance.
The VWR Cold Air Intake integrates seamlessly with the factory management system to provide the perfect basis for modifying the car.
The large-bore turbo inlet back-pipe (included in the kit) joins the turbocharger to the intake system, resulting in a much higher-flow, smoother transition into the turbocharger than the stock pipe.
Our TriFoam™ triple-layer laminate of open-cell polyurethane foam gives an exceptionally high level of filtration to protect the engine from contaminants in the air down to well below 5 microns, giving the highest level of filtration to protect your engine
All our filters are hand-built in the UK from the highest quality materials available.


  • Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI Mk2 8J
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