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Airtec Motorsport

Focus MK3 ST 250 Airtec Intercooler upgrade with RS style scoop

Stage 2 Airtec intercooler for the Ford Focus MK3 ST 250.

Finished in Pro-Series Black or Natural Silver

Dyno proven - Our test car made 226.7bhp 'Peak power' with AIRTEC Intercooler & Revo remap, thats a peak BHP gain of 11bhp, average gain of 6-7bhp+ can be expected simply by bolting on the Airtec intercooler upgrade.

TEST RESULTS:Hot side - Into Intercooler from Turbo & Cold side - Out of Intercooler into engine

  • Standard Ford Intercooler + Revo remap
  • Run1 - Hot side 132 degrees C & Cold side 61 degrees C
  • Run2 - Hot side 142 degrees C & Cold side 66 degrees C
  • Run3 - Hot side 140 degrees C & Cold side 66 degrees C


  • AIRTEC Intercooler + Revo remap
  • Run1 - Hot side 124 degrees C & Cold side 20 degrees C
  • Run2 - Hot side 129 degrees C & Cold side 24 degrees C
  • Run3 - Hot side 131 degrees C & Cold side 25 degrees C


AIRTEC have used their fully proven 70mm bar 'n' plate core with tapered end tanks, this same spec has been tested @ 300+bhp and consistently provides cooling for 400+ bhp cars, maximum tests on this spec of core and tapered end tanks have also been tested to 540 bhp with an impressive 38 degree intake temperature.

  • Features
  • Fully proven race spec **mm bar 'n' plate core design
  • Cast alloy tapered end tanks, ensures smooth airflow with maximum strength
  • No extra hoses required, fits to standard hoses
  • Removal of Ford Grill shutters is required, simply un-bolt and re-fit loom to AIRTEC bracket supplied
  • Fitting should take no longer than 1-2 hours
  • Available in Polished or Pro-Series Satin Black
  • Available with AIRTEC logo in several colours free of charge
  • RS Style scoop.