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RTS Performance

Focus ST170 RTS Twin Friction Clutch & Solid Mass Conversion Kit

This new upgraded performance clutch for the Ford Focus ST170  from RTS Europe promises big things. The unique design combines a twin purpose friction plate utilising both organic and paddle designs with a retracting strap plate clutch assembly. The result is a clutch rated to 232 ft/Ib torque, so suitable for all Ford Focus ST170 applications. The clutch has a much lighter feel than a standard paddle setup matching practicality with performance driving.

How does the twin friction material work?

Twin friction features comfortable drivability with more heat durability and better heat dissipation. This is done via the integration of organic and metal friction surfaces. RTS twin friction is the ultimate choice for matching practicality with performance driving.

RTS unique “Twin Friction” (drive plate) was developed using a unique flywheel side friction material whilst adopting a segmented pressure plate face. The aramid friction exhibits 50% less wear than a conventional drive plate friction material.

This material also reduces the effects of fade. Fade is the decline in the clutch system’s ability to transmit torque as operating temperatures increases. These features in combination with the previously mentioned microstructure of spheroidal casting and ER2 technology allows the clutch kit to dissipate heat far more effectively, allowing the clutch to run cooler for longer.

RTS kit has been designed with a higher clamp load enabling the clutch system to transmit 60% more torque over the standard clutch kit and is suitable for everyday driving, fast road and track/circuit racing whilst maintaining the user-friendly driving experience.

How does a clutch that transfers more torque and has a higher clamping pressure feel lighter?

A retracting strap plate clutch assembly having a single annular body strap plate affixed to a clutch pressure plate has integrally performed spring resilient tabs mounted to the clutch housing. The tabs are normally spring-loaded to retract the strap plate toward the diaphragm spring so that when the clutch is released the tabs cause the pressure plate to smoothly disengage from a friction disc.

This Kit Includes:
  • Twin Friction Clutch Plate
  • HD Pressure Plate
  • 5.2kg Solid Mass (lightweight) Flywheel
  • Cover and Flywheel Bolts

*We recommend fitting a new OE slave cylinder when changing the clutch.

This Kit is Suitable For The Following:
  • Ford Focus ST170 (2002 Onwards)