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Innovate OT-2 WiFi iPhone Interface


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What is the OT-2?

The OT-2 is a simple device that wirelessly connects your iPhone or iPod Touch to your vehicle.

When used with the free Logworks Mobile app, the OT-2 transforms your iPhone into a wireless:

  • Gauge or digital dash
  • Data logger
  • Dyno
  • OBDII Scan Tool
  • Efficiency Meter
What is LogWorks Mobile?

LogWorks Mobile is a FREE app for your iPhone or iPod Touch that communicates with the OT-2 device. LogWorks Mobile can be used without the OT-2 as a free dyno and efficiency meter. When combined with the OT-2, the dyno and efficiency features are significantly improved while also adding wireless gauge, OBDII scan tool and data logging capability.

Click here to download the free app

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