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Laird Performance

Outlaw 5Triple1 Hybrid Turbo for Fiesta ST180/200

Introducing our new stock frame 5Triple1 hybrid turbo.

Key Features.

  • Direct fit stock frame unit.
  • Extended tip technology  high flow 6 blade billet compressor wheel
  • Motorsport spec 360 thrust baring assembly.
  • Modified Seal plate to match High Flowing compressor wheel.
  • 5Triple1 Turbine Shaft with race spec cut back.
  • 355BHP Rated
  • Upgraded turbo elbow for maximum air intake

This Turbo was designed with stock like levels of response, yet providing more than enough airflow to create the maximum power the stock fuel system will allow, in testing we found our turbo to deliver exceptional levels of performance at even the lowest of boost levels with 1.3 Bar of boost delivering a staggering 310BHP, When pushed harder we seen the turbo hit more and more power with every crank of the boost all the way to over 345BHP, This turbo uses the largest possible compressor wheel we could fit in the stock frame shifting plenty of air to allow the car to make its high horsepower efficiently, this turbo was designed with response in mind not giving a noticeable amount of lag was crucial in the development of this unit, we wanted something that you can run at low boost levels and still maintain good torque and power through the rev range making this a very versatile unit.

£200 Surcharge on the "send your turbo after" basis, which means once we send you this unit, if you send us your turbo back we will refund £200 of the price!