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Power steering relocation kit and stage two '13 row' cooler


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Stop the PAS fluid from covering your engine bay and breaking your pump.

Every fiesta ST owner knows that the power steering setup on the mk6 ST is one of the weak points of their car. Due to a short return pipe from the rack next to the hot engine and no cooling, the fluid boils, pours out of the tanks and ruins the pumps regularly. Installing this kit will give you a longer return pipe and relocate the tank away from the engine which will allow for cooler fluid. It is also essential if you are changing the oe inlet for a cosworth style inlet. The addition of the cooler will ensure that the fluid stays cool even through intensive driving, even on the track.

Provided in this kit is:

- A custom one piece billet pump adaptor with bolts and 3mm o-ring

- A brand new power steering tank, modified for this kit.

- A brand new 13 row cooler with custom mounting. 

- All oil lines, genuine jubilee clips and pipe connectors.

With this kit you get a quality and cheap solution to a big issue with this car and it is highly likely to save you money in the future with not having to replace worn pumps.

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