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Velossa Tech

Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH Ram Air Kit - 2017-2020 Hyundai i30 N

Designed specifically for the new Focus RS platform. State of the art CFD simulated ram inlet designs are standard for all BIG MOUTH products.

Use the forward motion of your car, turn that motion into pressure. Increasing the inlet pressure to your turbocharger has profound effects on performance. Increases in air mass flow, reduction in waste gate duty cycle and reduced inlet and charge temps are some of the benefits of running a properly designed inlet. This set up is designed to receive a direct feed of cold air from outside the car than consume hot air under the bonnet that is heated by the engine.

Choose the colors of your BIG MOUTH body, inlet flare. Pop the hood and everything matches as if it was OEM! If you were looking for that best-bang-for-your-buck modification for your Focus RS, this is it. Get aerospace level performance, award winning design and a proven track record, don’t look back.

When people see that massive inlet flare through the grill, they’ll know you mean business!